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Spandrel Panels



NYTimber Gable and Party Spandrel Panels are cost saving alternatives to Masonry Gable Walls and separating Party Walls, respectively. They replace the need for blockwork and can be designed to suit virtually any roof layout. The products comply with fire and sound requirements, NHBC, Robust Detail, and are supplied with Plasterboard/Fermacell boards (party separating wall) or OSB/breathable membrane (gable party walls). They can also be wrapped to provide on-site protection.

Both types of Spandrel Panel are structurally engineered, which integrates with the roof trusses to form a fully engineered roof solution for quick and easy installation. Timber frame style wall ties are required to tie the Gable Panels to the brickwork, which replace traditional wall ties used for blockwork.

Wall plate and gable straps are required along with the correct fixings/screws to ensure the panels are correctly secured in position and in accordance with design drawings only.



  • Increases speed of house construction
  • Less time working at height
  • Quicker lead times compared to blocks
  • Helps mitigate skills gap challenges
  • Reduces multiple trades for the roof construction
  • Minimises site waste
  • Fixed product costs

Gable Spandrel Panels

Replace traditional gable blockwork with off-site manufactured structural timber Gable Panels. The timber structures sit on slightly raised wall plates/blockwork to help reduce the size of the panel and have OSB and breathable membrane to their inner and outer leaves.


Party Spandrel Panels

Replace traditional blockwork party separating walls between dwellings for 2, 3 and 4 blocks with structural timber panels. The timber structure is plated in on the bottom chord to increase strength and have plasterboard or Fermacell to act as fire protection. The panels sit on raised wall plates/blockwork and are fixed with wall plate straps.

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