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Acoustic Fencing


dB Fence is an acoustic barrier system designed to drown out sound. It is the perfect choice for reducing noise in a high-traffic and/or high-noise environment, close to residential areas.

dB Fence is manufactured using premium heavy-section, planed timber boards and consists of interlocking ‘V’ tongue and groove panels to eliminate sound travelling through any gaps. The system is designed with a timber ‘slotted-post’ upright and finished with a capping system.

Regardless of weather conditions, the joints are designed to always stay tightly locked – forcing sound waves over the top or around the fence. This type of acoustic fencing system is suitable for installations up to 2.5m high and acts as a noise reflector as well as a sound barrier.



  • Premium tanalised structural timber boards, posts and rails
  • Acoustic T&G ‘V’ Board: 4800 x 140 x 32mm
  • Capping Rail: 4800 x 144 x 32mm
  • Counter Rail: 4800 x 70 x 34mm
  • Fence Heights: 1800mm or 2400mm (you will need 14 boards on a 1800mm high fence or 19 boards on the 2400mm high fence)
  • Slotted-Posts: 120 x 100mm x 1800mm or 2400mm


  • Highways & Motorways
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Venues & Sports Stadiums
  • Residential
  • Construction Sites
  • Airports

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced noise allows for a peaceful, disruption-free setting
  • Timber fencing is designed to easily blend into the surroundings
  • Modular design allows quick and easy installation on-site
  • Flexible system allows for varying heights and lengths
  • High privacy barrier designed to keep out trespassers/intruders
  • Short lead-times: two week delivery as standard (dependent on requirements)
  • Panels produced using 32mm thick “V” boards
  • A special fixing component is used to interlink the board between the posts, for improved performance
  • Steel posts available to provide extra support to the slotted post
  • 10-year Guarantee: Class 3 Treatment Standard
  • 25-year Guarantee: Class 4 Treatment Standard available ***

* Laboratory results: rating in accordance with BS EN 16272-2. Category B3.
** Laboratory results: rating in accordance with BS EN 1794/1
***Extended lead times may apply

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